Belgica UK Services

Listed below are some of the main services we offer at the clinic.


Consultation If you have a problem with you birds or if you would simply like a health check , our specialised team are available for consultation Monday – Friday 8am - 4pm. You will need to bring around 5-6 pigeons and a collection of droppings for analysis. Our consultation room is equipped with a screen [...]
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Post Mortems

Post-Mortem Examinations When sending in dead birds it is essential for them to be sent next day delivery before 1pm, please notify the clinic if you intend to send a pigeon. We will need your contact information , full history and symptoms leading up to the pigeon dying, and how your other pigeons are at [...]
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Cultures and further testing The Belgica clinic offers a range of culture testing on request if you have problems with your pigeons or wish to screen your birds prior to breeding or racing etc. Below is a range of our testing, if you wish to proceed with any of these, or a test you may [...]
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Microscopic Testing

Microscopic Testing   Belgica UK believe in keeping your pigeons healthy and free from the overuse of antibiotics. Having your pigeons regularly tested is the best way of keeping your pigeons in optimal condition and health. We highly recommend having your pigeons tested at least 7 times per year. . One month prior to racing [...]
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Seasonal Programs

Click on the links below for seasonal program information

6 Important tips!

When it gets to that time of year Belgica advices that your pigeons undergo the 6 most important actions protecting them against Paramyxo...
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If you are breeding pigeons then have a read of our breeding best practice which discusses tips for before and after breeding.
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Old bird racing

Have a read of our tips if you are racing older pigeons for sprint, middle and long distances and overnight races.
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Young bird racing

The paramyxo vaccination should preferably be given when the youngsters are about 5 weeks old followed by a booster injection 4 to 6...
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Our moulting program offers the best requirements for optimal health and impeccable moult. A perfect moult in the autumn...
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Our winter program from December to February is for all breeding and racing pigeons for a good moult and constant health during the winter months.
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From the Blog

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Pigeon Health

We will also have a dedicated section in our blog on pigeon health.  Here you will find plenty of information on how to care for your birds and keep them healthy.

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Product Information

There will be a section in a blog which will be all about the products we sell.  We will look into pre and post season products, breeding, old and young birds and what products are the most suitable.

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