David Coward-Talbott

David is a Director of Belgica UK with Dr Henk de Weerd who is known to many pigeons fanciers throughout the UK. David has never known life without pigeons, his grandfather, father and his brothers all raced pigeons in Ipswich from the late 1890’s – 1980’s when the last brother Harry Talbott passed away.

David has continued to race pigeons to this present day and has enjoyed his share of success.

David’s father Jim was mainly a pig and cattle farmer so he has always been surrounded by many kinds of livestock, David always speaks very highly of his father being a very successful stock farmer and that has always stood by David to this day. He helped his father carry out such things as injections and even the castration of pigs and cattle.

David has known Henk de Weerd for over 40 years and working with Henk and his team  has been a fabulous experience since starting the clinic in 2011. David has seen the clinic grow from nothing to over 8,000 clients and sees it grow every single day and he is very proud of his team at Belgica UK.