Dr Henk de Weerd

Dr Henk de Weerd is one of the directors at the Belgica UK Clinic as well as being a highly successful and knowledgeable veterinary surgeon specialising in racing pigeons.

Since 1972, Dr De Weerd has specialised himself in the medical requirements and complete guidance of the owners and trainers of racing pigeons. As a young boy Dr De Weerd visited many top lofts in Belguim and Holland with his famous father Piet de Weerd. Subsequently they visited Germany, UK , Spain , Portugal, U.S.A, China , Japan etc. In most cases, these trips were attended by the lectures given by Piet and Dr Henk de Weerd on topics such as selection and the most common pigeon diseases.

Henk also races pigeons out of Interpalomas Lofts in Holland and his daughter Nicole has a loft in Belgium both lofts are extremely successful.