Hollie Williams

Hollie started on day one with the clinic after working for a local veterinary clinic and completing her course in Animal Care Management.

She immediately worked with Henk, Jan and Goisa going on several trips to Holland working in the main clinic testing pigeons, carrying out postmortem’s, helping with operations and settingĀ broken bones gaining herself invaluable experience working with one of the best veterinary teams in Europe whom have over 50 year’s experience.

Hollie is in charge of the day to day running of the clinic with sometimes in the height of the season analysing over 150 tests per day, these tests can be microscopic tests or culture tests.

She has worked with the Olympics microscopic team and has been certified with awarding credits from both the Royal College of Pathologists and the Institute of Biomedical Science and has also qualified as a CA-SQP.

Over the years Hollie has become extremely successful not only with racing pigeons but also with other avian species such as pheasants, partridges, canaries, finches and budgies etc.

Working in both England and Holland, Hollie has elevatedĀ to being extremely efficient in her field.