Microscopic Testing


Belgica UK believe in keeping your pigeons healthy and free from the overuse of antibiotics. Having your pigeons regularly tested is the best way of keeping your pigeons in optimal condition and health.

We highly recommend having your pigeons tested at least 7 times per year.

. One month prior to racing old bird racing

. One – two tests during the old bird racing

. One month prior to young bird racing

. One test during the young bird racing

. Test all pigeons when racing has finished before the winter to ensure your pigeons do not sit with any problems during the moult and winter period

. Test prior to pairing to ensure your stock pigeons are clear of anything even if the pigeons do not go out this is essential to do.


Being registered with the Belgica clinic is of great importance as this enables your birds to be under the vets care. This entitles you to phone our specialised team at any time for advice/health consultations allowing our vets to prescribe you any medication if needed, without a yearly test submitted to our clinic this is not possible, so getting registered is a must!

Keeping up your registration is very simple, we only require you to send in a swab and dropping sample once per year,  so your birds can remain under the vets care,  there are also no additional charges on top of the standard testing charge for your registration.

As part of our welfare and animal care compliance for a first time client, please ensure to return your test within 7 days of receiving it,  your test will arrive to us where an analysis will be done on your pigeons droppings and swab, testing for Coccidiosis, Trichomoniasis, Worms and Candida/Fungal. You will then receive a call/text message with your results on the day of receiving your test. If the veterinary team feel your pigeons need treatment or medication they will discuss with you through your consultation phone call.

To download our information fact sheet and instructions on Microscopic Testing please click HERE


Under the Laws and Legislation’s to be able to acquire prescription medication.

Regular tests on your pigeons MUST be done at least on a yearly basis, although we do recommend you test your pigeons at least 7 times a year.