Information about the most important signs of Ornithosis



  • Picking of feathers
  • Dirty noses
  • Scratching head
  • Blue flesh
  • Red throat
  • Swollen heads
  • Yawning
  • One eye cold
  • Rattling
  • Wet eyes
  • Inflamed third eyelid
  • Slime in throat and nose (especially in young pigeons)


Over 50% of young pigeons have problems with the Ornithosis Complex, followed by a decrease of the training sessions and a large loss of young birds at the races. Widowers show a decrease in the desire to fly due to the ornithosis complex, poor results at the races and the moult of they do not drop as many down feathers. You will also find that you birds do not fly around home as well, keeping very low flying around at house level.



Please seek Professional Veterinary Advice from your Veterinary Surgeon



The key to keeping respiratory at bay is your lofts ventilation system. If your loft is either to drafty or even too humid, this can cause conditioning problems resulting in an ornithosis problem in your pigeons, which you will then attempt to treat but after one week it will normally come back as the loft is not correct. Getting the loft correct is key , you must have the correct amount of air flow in your loft as every garden is different (i.e. different surrounds/settings) a good way to test this is with a smoke bomb in your loft so you can see yourself if the air flow is too much or too little.