Our Yearly Routine !


When it gets to that time of year Belgica advice’s that your pigeons undergo the 6 most important actions.

If you have stock birds, they breed your future so this definitely includes them ensuring you of a successful breeding season!


Dr Henk de Weerd suggests the following for every fancier as a yearly routine:

1 & 2:   5-6 weeks prior to pairing please ensure that your annual Paramyxo injections are up to date and that your pigeons are healthy and ready to breed by seeking Professional Veterinary Advice from your Veterinary Surgeon.

3:       4 weeks prior to pairing Para Control Boost all your pigeons (solution of 1 ml down the throat)

4:      When babies are 30-35 days old inject against Paramyxo

5:     When babies are 6 weeks old Para Control Boost (solution of 1 ml down the throat)

6:         2-3 weeks prior to their first race give them all the ParaControlBoost and a booster jab for Paramyxo.


Top health of your pigeons is essential !


We highly recommend having your pigeons tested at least 7 times per year;


. One month prior to racing old bird racing

. One – two tests during the old bird racing

. One month prior to young bird racing

. One test during the young bird racing

. Test all pigeons when racing has finished before the winter to ensure your pigeons do not sit with any problems during the moult and winter period

. Test prior to pairing to ensure your stock pigeons are clear of anything even if the pigeons do not go out this is essential to do.


Please contact the clinic and speak to our specialised veterinary team for any advice.


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