• Very watery droppings
  • Loss of balance/ disorientation
  • Drinking lots of water
  • Twisted neck
  • Sitting hunched up/ closing of eyes
  • Trembling of the head


The incubation period of the Paramyxo Virus is 6 weeks. After the initial stage of drinking lots of water and the severe wet droppings, the central nervous symptoms such as neck twisting and trembling of the head will develop. In some cases we can also see bad green slimy droppings;  sitting hunched and even sudden death, occur without any symptoms of illness before. All cases such as these are due to a lack of immunity, normally because the pigeons are not vaccinated on weaning, if at all. It is obligatory to vaccinate your pigeons as this is a notifiable disease; we strongly suggest that you vaccinate all your pigeons every year. Please also remember when bringing new pigeons seek Professional Veterinary Advice from your Veterinary Surgeon.



Seek Professional Veterinary Advice from your Veterinary Surgeon.