Post-Mortem Examinations

When sending in dead birds it is essential for them to be sent next day delivery with contact information enclosed so we can contact you with results, please also include past symptoms from the bird and how your other pigeons are at the moment. Please do not freeze the bird as this leads to tissue deterioration making histology and bacteriology results unreliable. Do not send birds in that have been dead more than 48 hours. Post-Mortems are essential for controlling further death and understanding the situation in your loft. For our team to carry out the Post-Mortem the cost is £30 per pigeon. Please notify the clinic if you intend to send a pigeon.


Further Laboratory analysis

When performing the Post-Mortem, if the team finds anything they feel to be significant you will be contacted to discuss if you wish for tissues to be sent off for further testing such as histology and bacteriology, this cost can be from £100 – £200 depending on what tests need to be done.


Post – Mortem findings of Aspergillus


Post – Mortem findings of Intoxication from ingestion of plant substance



Post – Mortem finding of ovary tumour