Information about the most important signs of Trichomoniasis ( canker )



  • Loss of condition
  • Bad digestion
  • Bad droppings
  • Crop mucosal inflammation
  • Complications with ornithosis
  • Yellow lumps in the throat


Trichomoniasis (canker) is caused by a flagellate ( Protozoa ) living on the mucous membranes of the throat and crop. Trichomoniasis can break out at any age, also in nest youngsters. Clinically it can become a mass of yellow substance in the throat; it is never a loose membrane.

Most of the time Trichomoniasis can be present without the clinical signs shown in the mouth, but it can cause irritation, opening the way for anaerobic bacterial infections which can result in a bad smell from the throat.



Belgaroni 15% in the water or on the food, Belgamagix Tablets, Treatment length will depend on the infection rate so always seek Professional Veterinary Advice from your Veterinary Surgeon.  After any treatment please ensure you clean the drinkers thoroughly to help prevent risk of re-contamination.
















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