Information about the most important signs of worms


  • Loss of condition
  • Suffer from indigestion and vommiting
  • Bad stools
  • Loss of weight
  • Disturbance of the fertility
  • Blood in stools
  • Increase or even decrease in the intake of food



BelgaWormac is the best remedy against Hair, Round and Tape Worms (Capillaria spp. and Ascaridia spp.). Your pigeons can be fed normally during the treatment but please do not administer on the grain. Do not treat your pigeons with Belgawormac during the moult or to nestlings.  Dose will depend on infection rate please seek Professional Veterinary Advice from your Veterinary Surgeon.

In connection with re–infestation, hygiene in the lofts is very important. Preventive measures should be taken to prevent any disease transmission. Sick and suspect birds should be put aside immediately and the loft must be disinfected as listed below, this will help to prevent the risk of re-infestation it is essential to disinfect the loft, remove loft floor litter if any, moisten the loft with water and then carefully ‘burn-out’ the loft to eradicate eggs from the environment.



Treatments can be used on a regular basis to keep worm infestations away, but as a clinic we always believe in testing before treating , so please always get your birds tested before treating. Belgica highly recommends having your pigeons tested prior to racing, during the racing season, before the winter period and prior to pairing.